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Land Rover tdv6, tdv8, Discovery, Defender turbo turbocharger specialists

Land Rover tdv6 turbo problems, Land Rover tdv8 turbo problems, Land Rover Discovery turbo problems, Range Rover turbo problems, Land Rover Discovery Sport turbo problems. We work on turbo systems. We have completed a lot of turbo replacements on Land Rover tdv6,  Land Rover tdv8, Range Rover, Defender successfully. We can supply you with turbochargers  […]

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Turbo Charger

Turbo Charger this is part of the car.  Turbo charger driven is by the engine’s exhaust gases.  Turbo charger save engine fuel.  Turbo charger is a precision device, the rotor is driven by exhaust gases emanating from the engine and spining up to 250. 000 RPM. Turbo charger force more air into the engine, and […]

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Turbo rebuilds London – Turbo rebuilds Birmingham

High car consumption is signaled by black smoke or blue smoke from the exhaust system. Blue smoke – may mean that the engine oil is combusted and thus unsealing the turbine. Black smoke– fuel injector’s problems or turbocharger problem Car smokes (black or blue), and there is no power? Car drives up the hill “no […]

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Garret Turbos-turbo rebuilds turbo reconditioning and turbo repairs

Welcome to Garret Turbos-turbo rebuilds turbo reconditioning and turbo repairs. Garret turbo reconditioning service is an alternative to expensive turbos from main dealer. Garrett reconditioned turbo is fully working unit with 24 month warranty. Find good deals on Garrett Turbos, buy with confidence. Turbo fitting service, cleaning intercooler and new oil and filters in professional workshop […]

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